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« Thursday August 15, 2013 »
Start: 4:00 pm
  A FINE ROMANCE, Falling in Love with the English Countryside published by Vineyard Stories. $26.95 Susan Branch is the author of twelve best-selling "Heart of the Home" lifestyle books about cooking, gardening, sewing, family, best friends, entertaining and the little things that make life sweet. Her latest is a hand-written and watercolored travelogue about her voyage on the Queen Mary 2 and two month ramble through the back roads of England. The book includes over three-hundred photographs, stories, recipes and travel tips.  Each page is a work of art; the book is part love story, part travel guide, filled with her unique thoughts about everything from pubs to Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm.   It is both whimsical and a visual tour de force of art and words.  
Start: 7:00 pm
If you've ever despaired about slow play - and what golfer hasn't? - this is a book that you owe it to yourself to read.  THE ART OF FAST PLAY will show you how to turn that despair into a plan of action - and how you can do your part to solve golf's most frustrating problem.  Many golfers have resigned themselves to rounds that are five, even six hours long, but Sam Dunn is an optimist.  He believes that every golfer can learn to be faster. Dunn describes dozens of familiar situations in which golfers fritter away precious seconds - and those seconds, as they pile up, are the real culprits. Slow play is golf's version of death by a thousand cuts.  No slogan - "Play fast!" "Keep up the pace!" - is of much use.  What is useful, however, is the clear, specific advice that Dunn provides for managing these situations.  It's not rocket science.  Yet it is surprising how many golfers, as they try to adhere to golf's complicated etiquette, are simply unaware of how their behavior can slow down the pace of play and affect everyone else on the course. Dunn isn't a scold; he's a teacher.  But he doesn't tiptoe around the question of individual responsibility. He knows that the problem of slow play isn't going to be solved from on high by the USGA or the PGA.  It will be solved only when golfers, each and every one of them, accept their responsibility and decide to do something about it. Sam Dunn is an architect and builder living on Martha's Vineyard and in Washington, DC.  He has been playing golf, not so well but nevertheless at a good pace, for forty years.  This is his first, and likely last, book. 
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